This website is part of a Alternate reality game for the Arma 3 community organized by SahraniRadio.

The ARG consists of a story of several episodes. Each episode contains clues and objectives to unlock the next episode.

In this ARG, there are real prizes to win. You can win them by  unlocking an episode or solving  certain mysteries.

This website/blog, contains the main storyline of the ARG.


Why not? Arma 3 is a fun game, and along this story you’ll learn more about the game, until its final release.
Another reason :  You can win prizes!

So, What can you win/reveal in this ARG

  • Several copies of Arma 3 
  • Several Expansions for Arma2
  • Arma gear/gadgets 
  • A real Arma3 helmet, signed by the Arma 3 development team.
  • Exclusive Screenshots/Video 


Who is Tom Larkin?

Tom Larkin is the fictional person that is investigating his father’s past (see: 2013 /06 /17 ), which brings him to the Aegean area - Specifically the island of Altis and Stratis. Tom writes regularly in his blog or on twitter, sometimes to inform you – but sometimes he needs your help.  Through his blog,  Tom will clearly inform you when his current objective is reached, which will trigger the next one.
You can help Tom in his journey to deliver a letter from his father to a unknown woman.

One thing is for sure: What Tom will discover on Altis, is something that no-one ever imagined.


How can you participate?

You already are!  By reading this website and carefully following clues that are revealed in this blog you are participating.
Interact with Tom or other characters and websites, in order to help Tom out. Sometimes, the answer to Toms questions can only be found  if you have played the Alpha version of Arma 3, and sometimes the answers lie in cleverly linking clues revealed along the course of the ARG.

By helping Tom out, you might unlock the next step in the Altis Quest and win one of the prizes!


How long does this ARG last?

The story lasts several months, despite depending how resourceful the contestants are, the ARG could end two weeks faster at most. We are aware that many people work together in this ARG and solve things faster than average, and therefore we’ll release certain information for the ARG on a regular -but not to fast- basis.


Where do those ‘real’ island pictures come from?

The pictures were taken in okt-sept.2012 on the island of Limnos-Greece for the ARG by Christos.V. for which we are very grateful.


All characters and situations in this story are all fictional, however – you might find references to real ingame content of past and future games from Bohemia Interactive. This ARG is solely created by some community-members with no commercial gain. Any form of cooperation with Bohemia Interactive cannot be  denied or confirmed.

Content disclaimer :
The nature of an ARG is mixing reality with fiction, therefore all references to commercial products, brands or trademarks are purely based on real life use.  No advertising intended.  All rights belong to their respective owners.